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About the Midwest Neurological Coalition

Coalition History:

In the fall of 1999, eleven local agencies collaborated to present the first in a series of caregiver’s conferences. Due to the success of the collaborations and the fact that the majority of the participating agencies were neurological, a decision was made to form a coalition of neurologically focused agencies, all single-disorder agencies.

In subsequent meetings, the coalition chose a name – The Kansas City Neurological Disorders Agency Coalition (KC NDAC) and discussed commonalities between the member agencies. In addition to caregiving as a common issue, the coalition decided on the following areas for collaboration: neurologist outreach, research and advocacy

From 2003 to 2011, KC NDAC collaborated on numerous projects and events including:
  • Neurologist Outreach: plexi-glass display cases containing each agency’s patient informational brochures were distributed to 25 neurology office waiting rooms in the Kansas City metro area. The Neurology Outreach project earned a national award, and today the displays continue to educate and give hope to those diagnosed with neurological diseases/disorders in the Kansas City area.
  • National Caregiver Month Presentation: the coalition again focused on care giving by hosting author, Terry Wise, whose book Climbing Through the Darkness, is a narrative on Terry’s experience as a young caregiver. In keeping with the coalition’s belief in the benefits of partnership, Rainy Day Books and Unity Temple were important partners in this event.
  • Research Symposium: KC NCAC hosted the event and the keynote speaker was the Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Dr. Story Landis. Due to high interest from the Kansas City area research community, KC NDAC worked with the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute to optimize Dr. Landis’ visit for both the coalition and the scientific community.
  • Science Ambassadors Program: coalition participation in a luncheon presentation from Pfizer on The Value of Medicines, Emerging Trends in Drug Discovery and Development and the Impact on Healthcare.

In 2011, The Kansas City Neurological Disorders Coalition changed its name to the Midwest Neurological Coalition (MNC) and rewrote the mission and vision statements to those listed above.

MNC is currently a member of the Community Partnership for Health (CPH) Community Council, one of three leadership councils of the Clinical and Translational Science Award for "Frontiers" - a collaborative, regional initiative to spark accelerated health research and population health improvement in the Kansas and the KC metro region.

Due to the service connection to neurological disorders/diseases, MNC participated through an exhibit in:
  • War & Recovery: an information and advocacy event for veterans, service members and their families, and healthcare professionals held at the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, Kansas City, Missouri.

Partnerships and Resources:

  • The Midwest Neurological Coalition supports the Institute for Neurological Discoveries, an initiative aimed at advancing existing programs and identifying new areas for development focused on brain health, chronic brain illness and nervous system injuries.

  • The Pioneers Recruitment Registry connects people with cutting-edge researchers and clinical trials to transform laboratory discoveries into treatments and cures.They're a network of hospitals and doctors located in Kansas and western Missouri looking for volunteers to help advance medicine and improve the lives of millions. On their website, you can read stories highlighting what clinical trials can accomplish, see some examples of research studies that are currently looking for participants, and how they're shaping the future of medicine, and get the latest news and headlines from the Pioneers research team and clinical partners.

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