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Member Agencies of the Midwest Neurological Coalition

The ALS Association

Mid-America Chapter

(800) 878-2062

• Team of ALS specialists (registered nurses or have a master's degree in social work) providing ongoing consultation for those with ALS, their caregivers and their families 

• Certified treatment and research centers with multidisciplinary clinics at the University of Kansas Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Medical Center 

• Family support program including monthly support groups, care network coordination and regional area Walks 

• Equipment and adaptation program including loan of durable medical equipment and communication equipment 

• Website and monthly newsletter 

• Books, videos, new patient kits, family and friends packets on the disease and its progression 

• ALS education and training to healthcare professionals who work with the ALS community 

• Chapter staff and volunteers involved in local, state and federal initiatives that affect the lives of people with ALS.

Alzheimer's Association

Heart of America Chapter
(913) 831-3888

• Individual and family care consultations

• Financial assistance to families for services related to the care of someone
   with Alzheimer’s disease

• 24-hour Toll-free Helpline

• Art program to provide those with Alzheimer’s disease a means of creative expression

• Support groups for families to receive peer support and exchange information

• Education for families, individuals in the early stage, as well as aging and health professionals

• Training for care providers

Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City (BIAKS)

(913 ) 754-8883

• Information and Referral Program: BIAKS Resource & Advocacy Liaison provides individualized community resources to survivors of traumatic brain injury, their families and the professionals who treat them.

• National Brain Injury Information Center – 1-800-444-6443:  All calls with Kansas area codes or the 816 area code are answered by the BIAKS Resource & Advocacy Liaison; all other calls are routed to appropriate office. 

• Community Outreach Program: Provide information on area support groups; Coordinate Brain Injury Case Managers Consortium meetings; Coordinate informational podcasts on most requested topics-available on website; Plan annual Survivor/Family member seminars held in Kansas City and in Wichita or Salina; Publish quarterly newsletter.  

• Professional Development: Annual professional conference, with continuing education credits; Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) training offered as requested. 

• Prevention Program:  Presentations on the prevention of brain injury to area schools; Distribute bike safety helmets to children in need; informational presentations on Association services and safety issues to adult groups.

International Essential Tremor Foundation

(888) 387-3667
(913) 341-3880


The IETF mission is to provide global educational information, services and support to those affected by essential tremor (ET), and to health care providers, while promoting and funding ET research.

• Empowers individuals to regain control of their lives, by providing free educational information, treatment options and coping skills in print, online and through social media.

• Advocates for greater ET Awareness and education at every level - from health care providers to government officials.

• Funds scientific research to find more effective treatments and a cure for ET.  Every year, the IETF funds basic research into the cause(s) of ET. Grants are awarded to established scientists whose primary interest is essential tremor.

• Develops and maintains support groups across the globe to provide inspiration and fellowship among those living with ET.

• Facilitates 20-26 free educational events in cities across the United States each year.

• Provides a physician referral service of physicians specializing in ET.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Mid America Chapter
(913) 432-3926
(800) 344-4867

• Phone consultations and workshops 

• Specialized educational programs and support for people recently diagnosed with MS 

• A “Helpline” for people with MS, their families, friends, and health care providers 

• Financial Assistance to people with MS -- limited financial assistance based on their need and individual situation. 

• Ongoing training opportunities and information are provided to health care professionals in the MS field 

• Loan of walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment 

• Books, videos and audio tapes covering a variety of topics related to MS

• Newsletter and web site 

• Chapter staff and volunteers are involved in local, state, and federal initiatives that affect the lives of people with MS.

Myasthenia Gravis Association

(816) 256-4100

• Dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who are affected by this autoimmune, neuromuscular disease through awareness, education and member services.

• Information and referral: The MGA provides patients, family members and loved ones with informational materials, connects patients with others living with MG, assists patients to become their own healthcare advocates and connects members with community resources and MG knowledgeable neurologists.

• Support groups throughout Missouri and Kansas.

• MG Clinic: The MGA has a clinic at St. Luke's Health System and the University of Kansas Medical Center. This is where patients can meet with neurologists who specialize in MG and talk to an MGA representative to clarify questions and learn of links to community resources.

• Professional education: Outreach to physicians, hospitals and other allied health professionals.

• Walks for MG awareness take place in Wichita, Kansas City metro area and Lawrence.

National Parkinson Foundation Heartland Chapter

(913) 341-8828

Mission: NPF Heartland is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people affected by Parkinson's disease through programs, education, advocacy and research.

• Serving Kansas and Western Missouri

• Parkinson Wellness Center

• Support Groups

• Exercise Groups

• Brain Gym

• Lending Closet

• Information and Referral

Greater Kansas City Spinal Cord Injury Association

Official chapter of National Spinal Cord Injury Association/United Spinal Association

(913) 491-566

The mission of the Greater Kansas City Spinal Cord Injury Association is to provide local resources, services and peer support to individuals with spinal cord injury, their families and professionals.

• The chapter will assist indivduals with the unique difficulties encountered when residing in a bistate city when searching for information, education and assistance.

• Our main goal is to provide education, resources and peer support to those with SCI and related disabilities in the Kansas City area. We do this by holding quarterly peer support/educational meetings, offering recreational activities and hosting the ability expo.

• We advocate on the national and local levels for access for all. We team with local and national groups for increased awareness with our advocacy efforts.

American Stroke Foundation

(913) 649-1776

Our mission is to empower stroke survivors and their families to overcome challenges of stroke.

• The American Stroke Foundation is the next step for stroke survivors after they have completed rehabilitation. Our wellness programs involve physical fitness, cognitive challenges, verbal communication, and socialization.

• Families of stroke survivors are supported by families of other participants, as well as organized group support sessions.

• The ASF has an upbeat atmosphere where stroke survivors feel they are no longer feel alone, they feel nurtured. Stroke survivors end up being their own best therapists.

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